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The Radical Decision I Made that Changed My Life and What’s Happened Since.

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Goal Setting

Mid-Year Refresh: Get Back on Track with Goal Setting!

Greetings, goal-getters! We find ourselves halfway through the year, and what better time to hit thereset button and reinvigorate our commitment to personal and professional growth? In this blog post, we’ll delve into goal setting, providing practical steps to help you create simple yet impactful goals that focus on needle-moving activities. We’ll also explore the […]

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Can we PLEASE abandon SMART Goals?

Setting and achieving goals is my love language. I habitually set high goals for myself and my team andobsess about ways we can reach them. I know that having a clear and simple goal for a team is the bestway to motivate everyone to work towards that goal.However, there is nothing that I dreaded more […]

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6 Critical Elements to a Productive Meeting.

The concept of a productive office environment is quickly changing; therefore, our work meetings also look different. Whether you work in an office, remote, or hybrid, meetings and communication with your team members remains a critical component to success.The following 6 elements are critical to incorporate to ensure a productive meeting.

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Remote Working

5 Self Care tricks for remote workers

Due to the global pandemic, The Great Resignation, and a general reshuffling of individual priorities, anincreasing number of people are working from home these days. Zippia.com predicts that 36.2 millionAmerican Employees will be working remotely by 2025. While there can be many advantages to working from home, there are also a new set of skills […]

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3 Critical Elements to Effective Leadership

While the role of “Leader” can mean different things to different people, there seem to be specificresearch-backed traits that are critical to being a leader that people want to work with. I’ll walk youthrough what I consider to be the 3 most critical. EmpathyProbably the most critical trait to have as a great leader is […]

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